Something Glorious

Something Glorious

The Hamilton Civic Choir were joined on July 10th 2017 in the St Peter’s Cathedral in Hamilton by soloists Eliza Boom, Kayla Collingwood, Filipe Manu, Jarvis Dams for an evening of works by Mozart and Schubert.

“The first notes of Schubert’s much-sung Mass No.2 in G filled the cathedral and the hearts of the audience. The vocal dynamics were perfectly matched to the rewarding but intense acoustic of the cathedral, the tuning perfect, the balance a licence to offer up a mental ‘wow!’ “

The choir and soloists performed to a packed audience, with the performance being delayed by 10 minutes due to a surge of last minute door sales.

“Clearly the choir was in the best form it had been for two years or more, and under the passionate and informed baton of Mr Carpenter,  beginning to produce a new timbre.”

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